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Principal's Desk

The education in today’s scenario, has acquired another dimension-Management of Wisdom. The Management of wisdom is nothing but the form of Education which enables the mankind to nurture the skills of management and convert these into wisdom. We at Army School, Tibri believe in the Guru Mantra of management wisdom “ Think, Ask and Do.” “Think” is the keyword which inspires us to take a lead from Shri Ganeshajee. He inspires us to be a good THINKER. Lord Ganeshajee’s Big Head inspires us to Think Big and Think Profitably; The Big Ears prompt us to listen patiently to new ideas and suggestions; The Narrow eyes point to deep concentration, needed to finish tasks in hand well and quickly; The Long Nose tells us to poke around inquinsitively to learn more and the Small Mouth reminds us to speak less and listen more. The word “Ask” derives inspiration from Maa Saraswatijee to do self development by ASKING, after we have thought over it deeply. Ask for more information and do it. Maa Saraswatijee is called the Goddess of Speech. She is also associated to water. Maa Saraswatijee is the Goddess of knowledge and Learning because she possesses all the Learning of the Vedas, Scriptures, Dancing, Music and Poetry. She embodies wisdom, fortunes, intelligence, nourishment, brilliance, contentment, splendour and devotion. She is depicted as a gracefully seated Goddess, holding a Veena, a Rosary and the Scripture. The instrument symbolises knowledge of the Arts held in high esteem in Vedic Culture. The term “Do” refers us to get motivation from Maa Lakshmijee. She inspires us to be a DOER. Money will follow when we start DOING things. Maa Lakshmijee is the Goddess of wealth which brings contentment, prosperity and general well being. She is born of the lotus, holding the lotus and residing on it. In Indian mythology, Lotus is the symbol of perfection, as it symbolises eight petals for happiness. These constitute the Aastha Lakshmi but the Dhana Lakshmijee is the most popular one, because wealth takes care of our economic well being and brings comfort and ease into our lives. If we look at these eight petals of the lotus, we find that each petal symbolises individually for Money(Dhana), Food(Anna/Bhojan), Children(Santaan), Courage(Sahas/Himmat), Learning(Vidya), Victory(Vijay), Prosperity(Unnati) and Happiness(Khushi). We, at AS Tibri are striving hard to make our students a real follower of this Guru Mantra of this management wisdom and to get advantaged, when it comes to face the challenges of life. And, we are sure that the day will come when this management of wisedom will be instilled in the character of all Tibrians by THINKING, ASKING and DOING.... May Shree Ganeshajee, Maa Saraswatijee and Maa Lakshmijee shower their blessing on us.

Ashok K. Jain 

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